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Market Leader New Edition Pre-Intermediate Coursebook with Multi-ROM

David Cotton
ISBN: 9781405881388
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Market Leader is the major business English course for tomorrow's business leaders. Incorporating material from the Financial Times(c), it bring business right into the classroom. All the Course Books have self-study CD-ROMS which include video material and interactive case studies. Challenge your students with 'Case Studies' that range from planning a project to choosing the best supplier * Practise the skills needed to carry out real business tasks such as taking part in meetings * Listening texts are based on interviews with real business people * New Self-Study Multi-ROMs include a wide range of activities including interactive case studies and video

AutorDavid Cotton
ELT segmentObchodná angličtina a ESP
VydávateľPearson (Zobraziť všetkých produktov)

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