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Business Advantage Intermediate Personal Study Book with Audio CD

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Marjorie Rosenberg
ISBN: 9781107692640
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An innovative, new multi-level course for the university and in-company sector. Business Advantage is the course for tomorrow's business leaders. Based on a unique syllabus combining current business theory, business in practice and business skills - presented using authentic, expert input - the course contains specific business-related outcomes, making the material highly relevant and engaging. The Business Advantage Intermediate level includes input from the Cambridge Judge Business School, IKEA, Emirates NBD, Isuzu and Unilever - to name but a few. The Personal Study Book provides further practice and lesson consolidation and comes with an Audio CD with recordings from the Student's Book skills lessons, plus additional audio.

AutorMarjorie Rosenberg
ELT segmentObchodná angličtina a ESP
Počet strán96
VydávateľCambridge University Press (Zobraziť všetkých produktov)
Rok vydania2012

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