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Writing for Impact Students Book with Audio CD

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Tim Banks
ISBN: 9781107603516
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Writing for Impact is an innovative and broad-ranging new course for learners of business English who want to excel at writing. Writing for Impact contains 12 units that cover writing emails, letters, meeting minutes and all aspects of report-writing, as well as providing a progressive syllabus on the process of writing: planning, note-taking, drafting, checking and summarising. Writing for Impact can be taught as a course or modules selected to suit specific needs. It is accompanied by full trainer's notes which are available on the website. The Student's Book comes with an audio CD, which provides input from real business people as well as extracts from meetings and phone conversations. Writing for Impact is part of the Cambridge Business Skills series.
AutorTim Banks
ELT segmentObchodná angličtina a ESP
Počet strán96
VydávateľCambridge University Press (Zobraziť všetkých produktov)
Rok vydania2012

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