15438 9780582403970

Language to Go Pre-Intermediate Students Book with Phrasebook

Gillie Cunningham, Sue Mohamed
ISBN: 9780582403970
Student's Book
23,37 €
vč. DPH
Běžná cena27,49 €

*'Built in' extra resources, such as the Practice section of extra exercises, mean Language to go can easily be expanded from a short intensive course to a more extensive English course * Language points are regularly revisited and extended throughout the course, so students can join at any stage * A syllabus of independent lessons enables teachers to adapt the course according to students' language needs * Lessons are clearly presented on a double-page and teach a manageable 'chunk' of language to use straightaway * Includes a pull-out Phrasebook covers essential words and expressions, and useful advice for everyday communication.

AutorGillie Cunningham, Sue Mohamed
ELT segmentDospělí (Obecná angličtina)
KomponentaStudent's Book
Počet strán128
Krajina vydaniaUnited Kingdom

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