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Dolphin Readers Starter - a Day with a Baby

Di Taylor
ISBN: 9780194400787
4,51 €
vč. DPH
Běžná cena5,30 €
Dostupnost1-2 týždne

Graded 'read and do' fiction and non-fiction readers that teach children about the world around them.

Dolphins are interactive graded readers specially designed to make developing language skills fun for younger learners. Full-colour illustrations and cross-curricular content stimulate students' interest and maintain their attention, while carefully graded English introduces them to new language points in an entertaining context. Integrated activities for every page of story text encourage students to practise newly acquired language skills.

AutorDi Taylor
ELT segmentZjednodušené čítanie
Počet strán20
VydávateľOxford University Press (Zobraziť všetkých produktov)
Rok vydania2004

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