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Progress 45-60 Student's Online Access Code

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The first ever fully automated, institutionally administered test package which objectively and accurately measures student progress across skills during a course, and outputs detailed score reports providing actionable insights to inform learning. Objective & Reliable: A standardised package of 3 tests that allows uniform testing and comparison of results to improve learning outcomes. Time Saving: Ready-made and automatically scored test, including speaking and writing sections, saves you time. Convenient: Rigorous tests can be conveniently taken at the institution or at home. Rapid Results: Adaptive test delivers faster yet more precise results while offering a unique test experience. Informs learning: Score reports by skill highlight strengths and weaknesses to help students and teachers focus learning. Motivating: scored on Global Scale of English and empirically aligned to the CEFR to accurately measure small amounts of progress within a CEFR band. This access card gives you one access code for the Progress test for the following level: 45-60 / B1 - B1+ To be used as a standalone test package with adult and young adult courses. One code required per student. Codes can only be used once. Progress needs to be used with a teacher, please visit the Progress website for more information.

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