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Real Life Global Upper Intermediate Teachers Handbook

Gill Holley
ISBN: 9781405897174
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*Reduced pages from the Students' Book with teaching suggestions and answers *Background notes on Culture2know sections on the content of the lesson *Answers to Students' book activities *Tapescripts for the Class and Workbook activities * Ideas for warm-up exercises, extension activities and discussion topics *Now your students can summarise points that they have learned in each lesson *Teachers notes and information on when to use the Mini Workbook, Workbook, Multi-ROM exercises and photocopiable activities in the Active Teach

AutorGill Holley
ELT segmentStredná škola
KomponentaUčiteľská príručka
Počet strán152
VydávateľPearson (Zobraziť všetkých produktov)
Rok vydania2011

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