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FCE Gold Plus 2018 Exam Maximiser w/ CD (w/key)

Sally Burgess
ISBN: 9781405876797
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The Maximiser is a unique combination of workbook and exam handbook, which can be used for immediate follow-up work in class or for homework, intensive exam preparation after completing the Coursebook, or by students preparing for the exam independently. The Maximiser: * recycles and reviews the grammar and vocabulary presented in the Coursebook* is packed with further language and skills practice in exam format for each exam paper with exam strategies and guidance* contains one complete practice test for timed practice in the run up to the exam* accompanied by audio CDs for the Maximiser listening exercises allowing students to practise listening at home*(with Key) edition includes annotated answers and audio script

AutorSally Burgess
ELT segmentPríprava na skúšky
KomponentaPracovný zošit
VydávateľPearson (Zobraziť všetkých produktov)
Rok vydania2018

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