Complete First 2nd Edition Class Audio CDs (2) (2015 Exam Specification)

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ISBN: 9781107687349
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Complete First 2nd Edition Class Audio CDs (2) (2015 Exam Specification) | 9781107687349 | Cambridge University Press | učebnice angličtiny

Complete First provides thorough preparation for the revised 2015 Cambridge English: First (FCE) exam. It combines the very best in contemporary classroom practice with first-hand knowledge of the challenges students face. This course provides comprehensive language development integrated with exam-task familiarisation. There are exercises to help students avoid repeating the typical mistakes that real exam candidates make, as revealed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus. This topic-based course covers every part of Cambridge English: First in detail, ensuring that students are fully equipped to tackle each part of every paper. Exam information and Exam advice is offered throughout, culminating in Exam round-up sections which check that candidates know how to approach each paper. The accompanying CD-ROM enables students to focus on their own particular areas of difficulty and work at their own pace.

These Class Audio CDs contain the recordings for all the listening exercises in the Complete First Second edition Student's Book, available separately. A Student's Book Pack containing the Student's Book with answers and Class Audio CDs is also available.

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