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Oxford Bookworms Library New Edition 2 Five Children and It

Edith Nesbit
ISBN: 9780194790604
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Dostupnost1-2 týždne

When the children dug a hole in the gravel-pit, they were very surprised at what they found. 'It' was a Psammead, a sand-fairy, thousands of years old. It was a strange little thing - fat and furry, and with eyes on long stalks. It was often very cross and unfriendly, but it could give wishes - one wish a day. 'How wonderful!' the children said. But wishes are difficult things. They can get you into trouble ...

AutorEdith Nesbit
ELT segmentZjednodušené čítanie
Počet strán64
VydávateľOxford University Press (Zobraziť všetkých produktov)
Rok vydania2007

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