Business Venture 1 Third Edition Workbook

Roger Barnard (University of Waikato), Jeff Cady
ISBN: 9780194578028
8,54 €
vč. DPH
Běžná cena10,05 €
Dostupnost1-2 týždne

Business Venture is a short business English course for professionals who need to communicate confidently across cultures and countries.

  • Modular unit structure with either a functional or communicative focus
  • Clear structure and easy-to-follow layout in every unit
  • Supported speaking and listening practice throughout the course
  • 20 pages of additional TOEIC® test practice in the Student Book 
  • Audio CD contains all listening activities from the Student Book, further listening practice, and access to an online TOEIC® practice test at
  • Culture file at the end of each unit includes useful tips about international customs and cultures
  • Teacher's Guide includes extra photocopiables for use in class, and progress tests to track students' development



AutorRoger Barnard (University of Waikato), Jeff Cady
ELT segmentELT Course Materials
Počet strán80
VydávateľOxford University Press (Zobraziť všetkých produktov)
Krajina vydaniaUnited Kingdom

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